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  • Environmental cleaning of airborne pollution
  • Cleaning of algae, vegetation & traffic film deposits
  • Cleaning of production contamination
  • Cleaning of walls, ceilings & wall cladding
  • Cleaning of oil & grease contamination
  • Cleanroom environment to international agreed classifications
  • Infrastructure, bridges, car parks, public building & structures

The description structural cleaning encompasses varying surfaces within industrial and commercial environments, most often these have never or infrequently been cleaned. Soiling types could be from manufacturing processes or environmental pollutants, often built up over a long period of time.

As specialist cleaning contractors of 30 years experience, we have encountered almost all the more commonly known cleaning tasks to structures. We have also been involved with many totally unique ‘One-Off’ projects where ICC needed to provide a safe solution and works package to what is normally a difficult and challenging task having never previously been undertaken.

At ICC we will work with your site management ensuring works are carried out safely and in a systematic way, whether it is working at weekends, evenings, shutdown periods or during your normal operating periods. We understand that continuity is not always possible, production demands can change at short notice, and therefore we offer a flexible approach towards tackling these types of works.

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