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  • Powder coated window & door frames
  • Cladding restoration
  • Anodised aluminium frames
  • Stainless steel
  • PVC & composite materials
  • Low cost maintenance option
  • Restores appearance back to factory finish
  • Application includes Plastisol, powder coated metal cladding surfaces

ICC specialises in providing restorative cleaning and protection to a diverse range of external cladding fabrication and metal window frame surfaces. Over time these industrial and commercial facades degrade visually and suffer from a dull, flat and chalky appearance, as a result of oxidisation.

Through a specialist process of non-destructive deep cleaning we can remove general soiling, weathering and oxidised deposits. Once completed surfaces can then be coated with a specialist clear UV stable sealant specifically designed to restore colour and appearance to a high gloss and weather resilient finish. Look at the above photograph on the left-hand side, it shows a section of the brown window ledge deep cleaned, restored to its original colour and treated with a clear sealant. (Despite its appearance it has not been painted, simply restored).

This type of process is not new, ICC first became involved with these specialist coatings back in 2001 and throughout this period have gained considerable experience. The process is very often used when a dilapidations schedule is undertaken or when a visual improvement or refresh of a client’s premises is required. At ICC we will work with your site team to ensure works are carried out safely and in a controlled and structured way. We understand some types of work often cannot be carried out during normal operating periods, so offer a flexible approach involving weekends, evenings or shutdown periods in addition to normal operating periods.

You can find more information about our process and free site surveys here