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Smoke & Fire Damage Cleaning

When a disaster such as smoke and fire damage occurs it can leave devastating effects and render a business un-operational. It’s critically important to be able to respond quickly to such events, most business would be gravely affected if simply left to insurance companies and loss adjusters alone.

Over the last 30 years ICC has carried out extensive smoke and fire damage cleaning programs to many businesses and premises enabling them to start or continue trading almost immediately.

  • Industrial, Commercial, Domestic
  • Structure & Contents
  • Emergency response
  • Fire & Smoke restoration cleaning
  • Buildings & contents restoration
  • Odour control & neutralisation
  • Sealing & redecoration
  • Waste disposal

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Industrial Cleaning Contractors have been involved with the cleaning of smoke and fire damaged factories, warehouses, generators, plant rooms, garages, workshops, retail outlets, kitchens, production areas, pubs, restaurants, homes and offices. Providing a full cleaning, restoration, waste disposal, deodorising and redecoration package.


              Smoke & Fire damaged workshop before                           Smoke & Fire damaged workshop after

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